Sunday, January 06, 2013

Freedom Spirit...the Eagle Commission

Freedom Spirit

Did everyone have a wonderful Holiday? Ours was good and no stress. We had gone to Delaware in November to celebrate with my children and grandchildren so we didn't have all the crazy running around last month. Which was good because it finally gave me time to complete the Eagle painting above.

If you have read my blog before you might have caught this blog post from back in April when I first got the order for the commission. Funny as I go back and read it I said I would be blogging more. Somehow that just didn't happen. Same for the Eagle painting just didn't happen all summer. So after several obligations were completed I was finally able to work on the sketches and painting in October.

Then after all the sketches were approved and our final trip to Delaware and back in early November the painting process began.

Above an early sketch in April.

Above are some of the sketches in October.
And below shows three images of the painting in progress.

Early stages of the background

More trees added and started to add color to the Eagle.

More color layering on the eagle.
The very first image is the final painting. After the eagle was done I tweaked the tree area some more.
I'm hoping to see the painting framed and in my clients home sometime in february.
And in case you were wondering the canvas is 36 x 24 inches and painted in acrylics.

Thank you for looking. And just to give you a heads up I will be updating my web site and moving this blog so stay tuned to the new and improved changes coming soon.



  1. I love seeing the work in progress and hearing about your creative process. Thanks.

  2. Your painting is beautiful Toni. You sketches are wonderful too.

    It's good to find the time to be creative isn't it? Just the act of doing something feeds my soul.

  3. Toni your painting is absolutely beautiful!


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